Mouth-Watering Brisket Poutine

Like any good Canadian, if you’ve had poutine in the past, you know that it is something that cannot be matched, just like our national anthem. Instead of just cheese curds and gravy, we just put in a little something extra – our award-winning brisket and BBQ sauce. You will fall in love with poutine all over again with our spin on this Canadian favourite.

Our brisket poutine will play the most beautiful solo on your taste buds with our sweet, smokey and bold BBQ sauce. This brisket poutine can also duet with a crunchy, tasty salad or soar up to the highest notes with chicken wings. A lovely platter of pickles can also join our brisket poutine in a show-stopping, memorable encore.

We all have the national treasure that stays with us and changes our lives for the better. Poutine has been with us for a long time now; through all the good times and the bad. At Campfire Grill, we will continue to have poutine over for any occasion or season – It’ll just look a little bit different.