Savoury Smoked Meat Nachos

Have you always wanted to add some more flavour to your nachos but were never sure how to do it? Are your friends asking for more variety in the appetizers you bring to parties – like your mom’s potato salad? Nachos are a classic and delicious meal that will never be underappreciated. A quick and easy way to add some pizazz to your nachos with 4 oz of pulled pork or beef brisket and drizzle with BBQ sauce.

The added variety of our pulled pork or brisket makes it a dream for those who want something more. These nachos will go beautifully with a delicious sour cream dip or even salsa if you are feeling extra spicy. Salads are also invited to the party too – potato salad, Cesar salad, and even fruit salad! Now imagine pairing those nachos with fresh Cornbread or spinach dip with this plate of meaty goodness. That sounds heavenly to us!

Some people believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We didn’t fix it, we just made it better. Campfire Grill will always give you a new spin on the old and make it greater. Our pulled pork or brisket nachos will be that new thing that will get everyone excited about your parties.