The Roadhouse Platter

Sometimes making choices on what to have for dinner or appetizers can be a difficult challenge. We can help you get out of that analysis paralysis with our Roadhouse Platter! This platter is an excellent combo of pulled pork, brisket, grilled sausage, perogies, and garlic toast. There is enough variety on this platter to satisfy all your guests.

This platter is a team player – Pair it with a crunchy veggie platter, homemade Caesar salad, or with a plate of your favourite cheeses! You can also enjoy it when watching your children’s favourite movie… for the third weekend in a row. Yes, this platter goes well with popcorn, too.

Enjoy the variety of juicy meats and comfort faves with our platter. This will be the guest of honour at any event. Whether it’s your work’s Christmas party, game night with friends, or your family reunion, you will be remembered as “the one that brought the Roadhouse Platter.” Let us take care of the supper for tonight.